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Leading design at meTokens - a personal token platform on Ethereum

I was invited to lead product and visual design, and I could not refuse the opportunity to enable all creators (not just “content creators”) to create vibrant economies around themselves. Over a period of several months we’ve been interviewing users, desining the new UI and brand systems, as well as working through numerous features. The idea of personal tokens is so new often we had no exisitng language to describe the mental models behind the system.

Code Experiments (Desktop only )

Poly CatThree.js / Planet WilsonThree.js / Shape Vortex / Hyperhi Festival / BreathsKodeLife / ZestyReact Carolyne Wade / Book WavePixi.js / Brutalist / Canvas MagazineBarba.js / Words of Women / Brux / Jiffy / Super Shapesanime.js

McKinsey & Company

Developing a lifestyle adjustment program for new diabetes type II patients

McKinsey & Company

Creating a vision for citizen experience of the future for a government in the Middle East

McKinsey & Company

Reimagining core customer journeys for a large Russian bank

McKinsey & Company

Designing a content-driven eCommerce experience to help women find their perfectly-fitting bra online


Designing world’s first wave of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences

L’Oreàl Brandstorm

Developing a new packaging strategy for Redken for Men

Personal project

UXKit - world’s most comprehensive kit of UX methods

Personal project

Inspiring millennials to reconnect with nature

Personal project

Building GoPro for music

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