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San Francisco & California

After 12 years of traveling and living around Europe, the US, Asia and South America,  I was ready to settle down, and there’s no place in the world like San Francisco and California. It truly was love from the first sight. No other city provides an even remotely similar combination of weather, proximity to nature (including ocean, mountains, forests and lakes), architectural beauty, smart open-minded people, food, cultural stimulation and career opportunities. It was a place for dreamers and I was definitely in my element. This is a random compilation of pictures I took during my past 6 months of living there.

McKinsey & Company

Developing a lifestyle adjustment program for new diabetes type II patients.

McKinsey & Company

Creating a vision for citizen experience of the future for a government in the Middle East.

McKinsey & Company

Reimagining core customer journeys for a large Russian bank.


Designing world’s first wave of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

L’Oreàl Brandstorm

Developing a new packaging strategy for Redken for Men

Personal project

UXKit - world’s most comprehensive kit of UX methods.

Personal project

Storyboarding library
for Sketch.

Personal project

Inspiring millennials to reconnect with nature.

Personal project

Building GoPro for music

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