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Reimagining core customer journeys for a large Russian bank.

As a part of McKinsey, I had an opportunity to work together with several biggest banks in Russia to help them with becoming more agile and customer-oriented. Ranging from a simple day-long workshop, to a 4-month-long engagement, I helped to launch several new journeys for various financial products: current accounts, SMB accounts, mortgage applications, SMB loans and others. Working in Russia fascinated me, challenged me and positively surprised me. I was astonished at how willing the clients were to change, and to create something truly spectacular together.


McKinsey & Company

Developing a lifestyle adjustment program for new diabetes type II patients.

McKinsey & Company

Creating a vision for citizen experience of the future for a government in the Middle East.

McKinsey & Company

Designing a content-driven eCommerce experience to help women find their perfectly-fitting bra online.


Designing world’s first wave of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

L’Oreàl Brandstorm

Developing a new packaging strategy for Redken for Men

Personal project

UXKit - world’s most comprehensive kit of UX methods.

Personal project

Storyboarding library
for Sketch.

Personal project

Inspiring millennials to reconnect with nature.

Personal project

Building GoPro for music

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